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From: Antone Roundy
Date: September 22, 2023

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

If you're not getting paid all the affiliate commissions you hope for, you'll want to read this -- I'm going to share with you some tricks and tools I use to plump up my commission checks.

I can tell you from experience that making money is a LOT easier when you have tools that AUTOMATE your work, and AMPLIFY your efforts. Which gets you farther faster: stepping on the ground, or stepping on your car's accelerator pedal? It's all about the tools -- that's true in affiliate marketing too!

For over 20 years I've been creating software programs that work automatically behind the scenes to maintain parts of my websites. They've saved me a lot of work, and helped me earn a lot more money.

This site is powered by some of those tools that I created to make earning as an affiliate easier than ever before -- I call them Affiliate Accelerators.

I had planned on keeping some of them all to myself. But my friend Russell Brunson convinced me to open the doors, let you in on my secrets, and let you PROVE for yourself how powerful they are.

What If You Had An Extra $500 Each Month?

I can't guarantee how much more you'll earn using my Accelerators -- you'll have to try them and find out for yourself. But suppose they could help you earn an extra $500 a month -- what would that do for you?

  • Cover your car payment?
  • Your house payment?
  • Pay off a credit card?
  • Finally give you a little spending money or savings -- money that nobody's waiting to snatch out of your hands before your paycheck is even deposited? Wouldn't that feel nice!

That'd be worth "risking" $1 to try out, wouldn't it!

If You Could Try Something For $1 That Made Everything You Do Earn More Money, Would You?

Of course, you'd be crazy not to! That's exactly what my Affiliate Accelerators are designed to do.

Here are the 9 Accelerators. Click for more information about how each one works...

Hover Squeeze Tool

Affiliate Bonus Delivery System

ClickBank Backdoor Research

(updates daily!)

Affiliate Meta Search Tool

Resale Rights Products

ClickBank Power Ads

Custom Power Ads

"Adimate" Your Ads URL Shortener

Exclusive Bonus - The Affiliate Advisor Newsletter

Twice a week, we publish The Affiliate Advisor -- an exclusive email newsletter full of research on the newest products and those whose stats are getting better or worse the fastest.

Imagine how much easier it will be to find the best products to promote (and avoid the duds!) when you have access to all our research!

The constant flow of research data and information you'll get from my newsletter is more than worth the cost of membership by itself, but you'll get it for FREE.

Get This Bonus When You Join Now »

Earn Residual Income With Our Affiliate Program

  • You'll receive up to $7.49* EVERY month for EVERY member you refer for as long as they keep renewing.
  • Earn up to $73.50* when someone you refer pays for a year of membership in advance.
  • Earn additional commissions on any "backend" sales we make to the people you refer (whether they buy tomorrow or 5 years from now!)

If you're able to refer just 25 members, you could earn as much as $2,247 a year without any additional effort. Refer 100 people, and you could earn $8,988 a year! And that's not counting your commissions on backend sales!

And consider this -- even if you ONLY refer 4 paying members, your membership will more than pay for itself!

* Exact commission amounts are based on monthly sales volume and whether referrals sign up for automatic renewal.

Get All 9 Affiliate Accelerators And All The Bonuses For $1 »

Get Full Access for 14 Days for $1

After that, we'll bill you just $27 the ridiculously low price of just $9.97 to renew your membership every 30 days.

Why the heck am I willing to give you access to so many valuable tools and resources for $1? It's because I'm so confident you'll get enough value out of Instant Affiliate Accelerator during your trial period that you'll GLADLY pay $27 $9.97 a month to renew your membership! If I'm wrong, you can cancel your payments at any time and we'll part as friends, no questions asked.

So right now, you have two choices:

  1. You can keep using the same old tools and strategies to promote your affiliate links, keep doing all your own research (or even worse, keep not doing any research), and keep wondering how much you'd be getting paid if only you'd "risked" a single lousy dollar.
  2. Or you can "risk" a single dollar and take an entire 14 days to prove for yourself how much you can earn with Instant Affiliate Accelerator.

For $1, NOT joining and finding out for yourself how much you can earn would be the bigger risk by far!

Get Instant Access To:

  • The Affiliate Hover Squeeze Tool
  • The Affiliate Bonus Delivery System
  • The ClickBank Backdoor Research
  • The Affiliate Meta Search Tool
  • Resale Rights Products
  • ClickBank Power Ads
  • Custom Power Ads
  • The "Adimate" Ad Color Animation Tool
  • The URL Shortener
  • The Affiliate Advisor Newsletter

Here's how to join:

Enter Your Main Email Address:
Choose a Password:

I understand that after the first 14 days, I'll be billed $27 the ridiculously low price of just $9.97 every 30 days to keep my Accelerators working, and that I may cancel at any time. My account will stay locked in at the $9.97 rate as long as I maintain it in good standing, even if prices return to normal levels.

By clicking "Get Started »", you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service (opens in a new window)

Join now, and start using my Affiliate Accelerators to explode your affiliate earnings today.


Antone Roundy

P.S. Your $1 trial membership gives you complete, unrestricted access to all nine Affiliate Accelerator tools and the other bonuses for a full 14 days -- spend that time raking in all the affiliate commissions you can. If you're not happy with the extra commissions you earn, just cancel your payments, and you won't get billed again.

P.P.S. Remember that as an Instant Affiliate Accelerator member-affiliate, you'll earn commissions every time someone you refer renews their membership -- 4 referrals is all it takes to pay for your membership!

So don't delay -- join now and start sending people your recommendation and referral link.

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