After a lot of hard work, I’ve just released a new tool for monetizing your WordPress Blogs. Affiliate Afterburner/WP is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to monetize your blog by adding affiliate ads from, eBay,, and AdSense to your posts or sidebars. I’ll be adding more affiliate programs in the near […]

Finding ClickBank products to promote usually involves looking for those that are rising in the marketplace, looking like they’re about to become the next big thing. If you spot the right wave and catch it, you can ride it to a fat commission check.

But that’s easier said than done. First, you have to read […]

Recently, when Google launched their URL shortener, one of the features that was announced was the ability to generate QR codes (those little 2D barcodes, like you see below) for your shortened URLs. Now you can do that in the IAA URL shortener too.

On the URL Shortener page, you’ll see a “QR Codes” link […]

Do you ever have trouble thinking of what to blog about or what products to promote with your affiliate links? A new feature we’ve just added to this site can help.

Affiliate Meta Search helps with both sides of the problem: content and products. Just enter your keywords and click “Search”. On the left side […]

Our ClickBank search tool now enables you to specify the minimum “gravity” score for products found by your searches.

As always, you can search by keywords or by criteria like fast rising products, newest products, etc. within any ClickBank category. The minimum gravity setting enables you to quickly find products with a proven track record […]

Welcome to Linear Affiliate Accelerator, the blog for Instant Affiliate Accelerator. In this blog, we’ll share success stories of people who’ve taken our tools and used them like a particle accelerator to focus energy and create exotic amounts of money. While the Large Hadron Collider is creating black holes, we’ll be getting you into the […]