Recently, when Google launched their URL shortener, one of the features that was announced was the ability to generate QR codes (those little 2D barcodes, like you see below) for your shortened URLs. Now you can do that in the IAA URL shortener too.

On the URL Shortener page, you’ll see a “QR Codes” link next to each URL. Click it, and you’ll get a QR code for the full URL and one for the shortened version — use either one. You can save the images by right-clicking the image and selecting “Save Image As…”. Be sure to save with a “.png” filename extension.

What can you use the QR codes for? One idea is to print them on stickers that people can scan to go directly to the website. Or you could print it on your business card for the same reason.

I’m thinking of printing myself a t-shirt with QR codes for several of my websites on it. Add a tracking code to the target URL, and you’ll be able to track how many people are scanning your t-shirt to see where it links :-).