I came across a great article the other day about where to focus your affiliate marketing efforts. Andrew Hansen wrote:

So if you want to make money as an affiliate there are all these little tasks to be done. Finding niches, getting keywords, building sites, etc. They are many pieces of one big puzzle.

People who’ve been making money as affiliates for a long time know that some of those tasks are more important than others. They know that certain puzzle pieces are bigger than others; take up more room than others; contribute more to the puzzle than others. And they focus most on those.

Andrew goes on to point out several of the things that affiliates tend to focus on, discusses which are the most important, and which might not be worth spending as much time on.

If you’re looking to use your time more effectively to do the things that will make the most difference in your success, give it a read and see whether you might want to make some adjustments.