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Adimate Your Ads

One of the big problems with web ads is that people have seen them so many times that they've learned to recognize and ignore them automatically -- they might not even consciously notice they exist!

The wrong solution to the problem is those awful flashing banners. Sure, they'll catch the visitor's eye, but they also send your visitors running for their browser's "back" button.

The right solution is to make your ads eye-catching without being annoying. That can be tricky! But I've got good news -- I discovered a subtle trick that's ALMOST unnoticable, and yet it will COMPEL your website's visitors to look at your ads! Check it out:


By GRADUALLY morphing your ads from one color to another, the Adimate ("ad animate") tool sneaks in under the radar until suddenly the visitor's mind says "hey, that thing used to be white, now it's blue -- what's going on?"

You have complete control over:

  • the text and background colors (cycle through as many colors as you wish)
  • how quickly the colors change
  • how smoothly the colors change

Goodbye "invisible" static ads, hello higher click-through rates.