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ClickBank Backdoor Research (Updates Daily!)

Did you know that ClickBank is hiding the truth from you! And what they're not sharing CAN hurt you!

They publish huge amounts of data about their products, but the way they present it doesn't tell you everything you NEED to know. Plus they're holding back one really critical piece of information!

You Need to Know a Product's History

One big problem with the ClickBank website is that they only show you a single snapshot of a product's statistics (* the one exception is "gravity", for which they display a 30 day graph). You need to know which direction a product is trending before you're safe promoting it.

Yes, I did say "safe".

Consider this -- if sales of a product you're planning to promote ground to a halt last week, the numbers that ClickBank shows you may still be high (since they're averaged over several weeks). Without being able to see that the trend has started dropping fast, you'd have no idea you were about to promote a dead product!

ClickBank says the product this chart tracks earns over $25 per sale, but that average may include sales that paid over $31! Current commissions may be much lower.

Are affiliate commissions increasing or decreasing? Is the #10 product on it's way up from #200 or dropping fast from the #1 spot? You can't find any of that out on ClickBank's website!

And there's a critical piece of data they don't mention anywhere: refund rates. Imagine what would happen if you promoted a product with high refund rates -- first of all, when the buyers you referred asked for refunds, you'd lose your commission.

But even worse, you'd lose their respect and trust for promoting a bad product. What are the odds they'll trust your recommendations in the future?

ClickBank's Dirty Little Secret...

The good news is that most of the products ClickBank sells have very low refund rates. But what ClickBank doesn't want you to know is that some of the most popular products have refund rates as high as 20%, 30%, even 40% or more.

In fact, our analysis suggests as many as 200 of their products have refund rates over 50%! You don't want to get caught promoting those!

I've created tools that analyze the data that ClickBank publishes, and go behind the scenes to dig up the details they don't publish. With your membership, you'll have access to our best estimates of the refund rates for thousands of ClickBank's products!

Instant Affiliate Accelerator gives you easy access to incredible amounts of data and analysis

Here's the "gravity" chart for a product whose sales are increasing.

You'll get full access to easy-to-read trend charts for every single product in ClickBank's catalog. We'll show you 45 day trends for key data they publish, plus 45 days of our refund estimates. Our easy to use search tools will help you find the best products to promote.

How much is your reputation worth to you? If our research saves you from just one really bad product recommendation, that by itself would be worth the cost of membership.

I could have built a separate website and charged a monthly fee for access to this infomation alone, but it's included with your membership in Instant Affiliate Accelerator!