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ClickBank Power Ads

Have you ever tried making money with AdSense? You post a few ads and go to sleep dreaming of the $$$ you're going to rake in only to awake the next day to the reality -- it's called "Ad Cents" for a reason!

Our ClickBank power ads look almost exactly like AdSense ads, but there's one big difference: since they're connected to ClickBank products, rather than getting paid pennies per click, you get paid dollars per sale. The average ClickBank product pays $20.90 per sale, and some pay up to $100 or more!

Here's how easy it is to set up:

A few more advantages of our ClickBank Power Ads:

  • ClickBank pays commissions twice a month (AdSense pays once a month)
  • ClickBank pays when your earnings are as little as $10 (with AdSense, you have to wait till you've earned $100)
  • Since our ads are the same sizes as AdSense, you can switch to them without redisigning your website
  • Our ads integrate perfectly with our other Accelerators -- for example, someone clicking your ClickBank Power Ad could see your Affiliate Bonus Offer in your Affiliate Hover displayed over the product's sales page!