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The Affiliate Hover Squeeze Tool

The biggest problem with being an affiliate is that you have to send your traffic to someone else's website. Our first Affiliate Accelerator lets you place your own squeeze page form, testimonial, presell video, etc. directly on top of ANYONE's website!

Do you understand the power this gives you? You can display YOUR content in a "hover window" over OTHER PEOPLE'S websites!

Let me show you an example of this software in action:

"This first accelerator is worth the price of membership by itself. Giving you the ability to put a squeeze page or a presell video on TOP of the affiliate page you are promoting is one of the most powerful affiliate tricks that I never thought anyone else would discover..."

Russell Brunson

Here are a few ways you can use this:

  • Idea #1: record an audio or video testimonial telling how you benefited from the product.
  • Idea #2: write a "special report" related to the product, and give it away to anyone who joins your mailing list (put your signup form in the Hover Squeeze).
  • Idea #3: put your coupon code or discount link in the Hover Squeeze.
  • Idea #4: anything else you can dream up! (Even something simple like a written testimonial and a photograph can increase your sales.)

Using my affiliate hover squeeze software will allow you to build a huge list, get higher conversion rates on the products you promote and make you a LOT more money from the exact same efforts!